Replacement Chevrolet 2 BUTTON REMOTE KEY FOB case shell with blank blade

100% Brand New!

This is a brand new 2 Button Remote Key FOB shell/case with blank blade type HU100.
Does FOB will fit with:
A perfect replacement for a key with broken buttons or worn key blade.
You can literally put your Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in, get the key cut to your car’s profile and away you go.Inner remote is not included. You can use your old remote circuit board.
If you use your old PCB then there is no programming require. Just get the blade cut from you local locksmith.
This is an after market replacement case.
The case comes with your car brand.
The image is of the real product. Not downloaded from internet
Please kindly check the blade and the bottom location of the key, if your key have same profile, this will fit your car.

Please note that the metal part and the plastics part can not be separated.

Please compare carefully before placing order.

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